Obama wins all the clicks

Obama wins all the clicks

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It was one of the most glamourous and logn expected presidential inagurations.  Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th president of the United States before a massive crowd which stood in bitter cold to experience first hand this significant moment in the history of the country. The Times magazine recently named him the man of the year while the Obama mania was shown also in the Internet world with the newyorktimes.com dispaying as the 5 top viewed features stories those about Obama.  Undoubtedly he is one of the most popular presidents of recent years. 





Top 5 Viewed Features on NYTimes.com/Politics
(Between Wednesday, January 14 – Tuesday, January 20, 2009)

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• Candid Shots: Don't miss, Picturing the Inauguration: The Readers' Album, a collaboration of photos from inauguration weekend submitted from Washington and elsewhere by NYTimes.com readers. Share in the memories or post your own.

• The First 100 Days: Which of Obama's predecessors offers the best model for getting started in the right direction? Read the 100 Days Blog featuring exclusive essays by five presidential biographers on notable presidents and how their experiences compare with those faced by our new chief executive.

• Exclusive Photos: Be sure to visit Obama's People, a slide show featuring more than 50 portraits of the leading figures now charged with shaping the policies that will lead the nation.

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“The economy may be in recession, but the Champagne flowed freely at Tuesday's celebrations of the inauguration of Barack Obama – thanks in large part to donations from some movers and shakers on Wall Street.”

Andrew Ross Sorkin

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“Don't panic. Give it some time. The sky is not going to tumble.”

Posted by William

“The Red Cross and the Salvation Army could have put that money to good use. And I thought people are starving around the world!”

Posted by Boston girl

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