WANTED: US Authorities issue arrest warrants for Erodgan’s praetorians in DC

WANTED: US Authorities issue arrest warrants for Erodgan’s praetorians in DC

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Turkey strongly opposes:  The prosecution is «wrong, biased and lacks legal basis.


Arrest warrants issued for Turkish security officials over embassy brawl in DC

By Laura Koran and Gabrielle Deutch, CNN

Turkey has reacted angrily after US authorities issued arrest warrants for 12 of the Turkish Prime Minster’s security detail over a bloody brawl during an official state visit in May.

Police in Washington, DC, issued warrants Thursday for 12 of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s security officers on a range of charges including aggravated assault and threatened assault in a menacing manner.
The allegations stem from a brawl on the lawn outside the Turkish Ambassador’s residence in the city, which has aggravated diplomatic tensions between the US and its longtime ally.
Shortly after the clash, footage surfaced showing Erdogan watching events unfold from the residence’s driveway. On Thursday, he denied his security detail had done anything wrong and questioned the legality of the warrant.
«They didn’t do anything (to the protesters). In addition to that, yesterday, they detained two of our brothers who intervened… they issued arrest warrants for 12 of my security officials. What kind of law is this? What kind of legal system is this?» he said.
In total, 18 people have been charged or are facing charges over the incident. Of those, two were arrested Wednesday, two on the day in question and 14 are being sought.
A statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the decision to issue warrants was «wrong, biased and lacks legal basis.» It said the brawl was «caused by the failure of local security authorities to take necessary measures,» and that «Turkish citizens cannot be held responsible.»

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