Professor Catherine Tsounis awarded by the Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus”

Professor Catherine Tsounis awarded by the Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus”

Honoring the esteemed professor for her work in preserving the Greek language culture and the Greek Orthodox faith in America

One hundred and fifty persons packed the Heritage Museum of Epirus at 25-14 Broadway in Manhattan on September 24 in a show of loyalty and respect for the Greek language culture and the Greek Orthodox faith in America by honoring Dr. Catherine Tsounis for her lifetime of work.

Journalist, writer and educator of the Greek culture and language, Prof. Tsounis gave a power point presentation describing her roots, highlights of her 53-year career in journalism from a high school sophomore to real estate broker at Andrew Stype Real Estate in Mattituck.

Queens Borough Director of the City of New York Comptroller’s Office of Scott M. Stringer presented a 20-inch framed Commendation “for her many years of exceptional journalism, reporting on issues that matter to New York City’s Greek American community; for her commitment to preserving and promoting Greece’s rich history and vibrant culture; for her outstanding service as an educator at St. John’s University; for sharing the diversity that Greek Americans bring to our city’s cultural landscape with readers; for honoring Greece’s extraordinary contributions to the world; gaining the respect, appreciation and gratitude of all she has worked with; and for her tremendous contributions to the City of New York. —Scott M. Stringer, Comptroller, September 24, 2017.”

Gazette Publisher Tony Barsamian said, “It is a privilege and an honor to be in a room with so many dignitaries and beautiful people from so many parts of Queens and New York, and so many different events that we are involved with. We are here today to honor Cathy. I have published hundreds and hundreds of her articles in the Queens Gazette, week in and week out. I can say Cathy’s writing is the closest thing to a work of art. It is always looked at, examined – sometimes controversial. Sometimes! But she always gets your attention. She connects to people, that is the success story behind her writing. It has been a wonderful experience to work with her. Her writing is myriad, and as varied as going across countries, continents, oceans, seas, worlds, restaurants, churches, everything and anything. She has always given everything she has ever written her best, because she is the best. Thank you for being with us all these years.”


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