Let’s stop the sale of F-35s to Turkey

Let’s stop the sale of F-35s to Turkey


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In recent years, the Erdogan Regime has shown itself to be more of an adversary than an ally to the United States. From leaking highly-classified information to America’s enemies to threatening U.S. allies, likes Greece, Cyprus, and Israel. Turkey has openly worked to undermine U.S. interests throughout the Eastern Mediterranean.
The most recent example being their unwarranted military operation in Afrin, Syria, in which Turkey had the audacity to threaten U.S. troops stationed in nearby Manbij. And yet, Erdogan still believes he should be permitted to buy American weapons. 

Can Turkey really be trusted with F-35s? What’s to stop them from using these advanced stealth fighters against U.S. Forces and their allies, or worse, leaking classified technology to America’s enemies, like Iran or Russia? It’s time to send Turkey a message! That it’s aggressive and destabilizing actions will no longer be tolerated.

Please take a minute to contact your Senator today and remind lawmakers in Washington that their duty is to the American people, not a hostile foreign nation.

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