President Trump will host Greek Independence Day Celebrations

President Trump will host Greek Independence Day Celebrations

The President of United States Of America, Donald Trump ,will continue a long tradition at the White House by hosting Greek Independence Day celebrations on March 22.

Continuing a long tradition at the White House, President Donald Trump will host a Greek Independence Day Celebration on March 22.

The celebration was first started by President Ronald Reagan and has become a White House tradition ever since.

Hundreds of Greeks and Greek Americans are expected to attend the event to honor the men and women who fought for Greece’s independence against the Ottomans as well as the bond between U.S. and Greece.

Last year, President Trump expressed his love for the Greeks. “Oh, do I love the Greeks. Don’t forget, I come from New York. That’s all I see, is Greeks. They are all over the place,” were the opening remarks of the U.S. leader.

He had also signed a proclamation paying tribute to the Greek revolution that started on March 25, 1821 and resulted in Greece’s liberation





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