President Trump delivers a major address on the Iran nuclear deal

President Trump delivers a major address on the Iran nuclear deal

1600 Daily: Everything White House 05/08/2018

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President Donald J. Trump will deliver a major address on the Iran nuclear deal this afternoon. Watch live at 2 p.m. ET.

First Lady Melania Trump launches ‘Be Best’

“It remains our generation’s moral imperative to take responsibility and help our children manage the many issues they are facing today,” First Lady Melania Trump says. In an age of unprecedented access to everything from technology to prescription drugs, these challenges are more widespread—and addictive—than ever before.

Yesterday, the First Lady announced “BE BEST,” an awareness campaign dedicated to protecting our children. “It concerns me that in today’s fast-paced and ever-connected world, children can be less prepared to express or manage their emotions,” the First Lady said. “Children deserve every opportunity to enjoy their innocence.”

BE BEST will include three main pillars: well-being, social media, and opioid abuse. By promoting values such as healthy living, encouragement, kindness, and respect, adults can help children form positive habits early on and avoid turning to destructive behaviors as an outlet.

Learn more about the First Lady’s initiative, BE BEST.

WatchThe First Lady’s announcement from the Rose Garden.

Vice President Pence to Venezuelan regime: ‘Suspend this sham election’

Vice President Mike Pence addressed a meeting of the Organization of American States yesterday, calling on the regime of Nicolas Maduro to give the people of Venezuela a true voice in their government. “There will be no real election in Venezuela on May 20th, and the world knows it,” the Vice President said, adding that Maduro will resort to the “authoritarian playbook.”

“Suspend this sham election. Hold real elections. Give the people of Venezuela real choices,” the Vice President continued.

President Trump first imposed sanctions on the Maduro dictatorship last year, targeting the regime itself and not just individuals for the first time. Financial sanctions stopped the government from bankrolling its debt using U.S. banks. Yesterday, Vice President Pence announced that the U.S. has now also frozen the assets of three narcotics “kingpins” with direct ties to Maduro.

Watch Vice President Pence’s speech condemning Venezuela’s sham election and learn more about the aggressive sanctions President Trump imposed last year.

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