Trump:Our enemies will take note: Gina is tough

Trump:Our enemies will take note: Gina is tough

1600 Daily: Everything White House 05/22/2018

The Day Ahead

  • President Donald J. Trump hosts South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House to discuss recent developments in North Korea.
  • President Trump will speak tonight at the Susan B. Anthony List’s 11th Campaign for Life Gala in Washington. Watch live at 7:30 p.m. ET.

‘Our enemies will take note: Gina is tough’

Gina Haspel was sworn in as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency yesterday. A three-decade veteran of the Agency with seven field tours under her belt, Director Haspel was confirmed by a bipartisan vote of the Senate last week. Vice President Mike Pence administered the Oath of Office.

“Our enemies will take note: Gina is tough,” President Trump said yesterday. “Gina played a crucial role in our fight against al Qaeda. Her first day in the job at the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center was September 11th, 2001. And she tirelessly hunted terrorists for the next three years.”

“You have placed enormous trust in CIA throughout your presidency,” Director Haspel told President Trump. “And the men and women of CIA do not take that for granted.” She added that “we must learn from the past, but we cannot dwell in the past. We must constantly learn, adjust, improve, and strive to be better.”

From Mother Teresa to counterterrorism, Gina Haspel’s story

Video of the day: NASCAR at the White House

2017 NASCAR Cup Series Champion Martin Truex Jr. joined President Trump at the White House yesterday. “The entire NASCAR field spent 2017 chasing 78,” the President told Truex. “Congratulations again to these great, great champions, and to all of NASCAR on yet another incredible season.” Truex presented President Trump with a special gift: an exact replica of his helmet.

A sham vote in Venezuela

“Venezuela’s election was a sham—neither free nor fair,” Vice President Pence said in a statement yesterday. “The illegitimate result of this fake process is a further blow to the proud democratic tradition of Venezuela. Every day, thousands of Venezuelans flee brutal oppression and grinding poverty—literally voting with their feet.”

The Trump Administration responded by upping its pressure on the Maduro regime. An Executive Order signed yesterday by President Trump prevents Americans from purchasing Venezuelan debt, preventing corrupt officials in Caracas from enriching themselves at the expense of Venezuela’s long-suffering people. President Trump’s goal is the restoration of true democracy.

Read Vice President Pence’s statement about Venezuela’s sham elections.

MoreSee the full text of President Trump’s Executive Order.

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