President Trump will host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the White House

President Trump will host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the White House

1600 Daily: Everything White House 06/07/2018

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A historic moment for America’s veterans

President Trump took an important step yesterday toward addressing how the United States treats its veterans, signing the VA Mission Act of 2018. The law will transform the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) into a high-performing and integrated healthcare system for the 21st century by putting patient choice at the core of the VA program.

“Four years ago, our entire Nation was shocked and outraged by stories of the VA system plagued by neglect, abuse, fraud, and mistreatment of our veterans,” President Trump said. “With us today are many brave veterans who endured that grave injustice, including Steve Cooper and Laura Vela. They served their country with honor, only to be denied the medical treatment they desperately needed.”

The President explained how the new law will help veterans like Cooper and Vela in the future: “If the VA can’t meet the needs of a veteran in a timely manner, that veteran will have the right to go right outside to a private doctor.”

Learn more about this historic moment for America’s veterans.

500 days of making government for the people

Americans deserve accountability from their government, President Trump says. Through the first 500 days of the Trump Administration, the President has refocused the Federal bureaucracy to make sure that voters are truly in charge of Washington:

  • President Trump has issued multiple Executive Orders that reform the Civil Service, including making union contracts open to public inspection, cutting down on taxpayer-funded union activities at Federal agencies, and easing the process to remove poor-performing workers.
  • The Administration is operating under a “One Federal Decision” memorandum of understanding for infrastructure, which puts the burden of coordinating complex permitting reviews on Federal officials, not applicants.
  • Despite obstruction from Congressional Democrats, the President has appointed a record number of Federal judges who are interpreting the law as it is written, promoting federalism, and standing for Constitutional liberties to combat government overreach.

President Trump’s 500 days of making government accountable again

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