Trump : Just make sure we can trade together. That’s all that matters.

Trump : Just make sure we can trade together. That’s all that matters.

1600 Daily: Everything White House 07/13/2018

The Day Ahead

President Donald J. Trump and the First Lady are receiving an Official Greeting from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Berkshire, England.

‘The highest level of special’

President Trump arrived in England yesterday, where he joined Prime Minister Theresa May for an arrival ceremony and met with U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Woody Johnson. This morning, the President held a bilateral meeting and working lunch with U.K. leaders.

The President made his priority clear. “Once the Brexit process is concluded—and perhaps the U.K. has left the EU, I don’t know, whatever you’re going to do is okay with us,” President Trump said. “Just make sure we can trade together. That’s all that matters.”

Prime Minister May agreed, saying the two leaders pledged “to pursue an ambitious deal that works for both countries right across our economies.” Both President Trump and the Prime Minister praised the relationship between America and Britain, which President Trump called “the highest level of special.” U.K. leaders have given their American visitors a warm welcome: President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will have tea today with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

Follow President Trump’s trip to Europe in photos.

WatchThe President describes America’s special relationship with Britain.

Stamping out consumer fraud

President Trump is establishing a task force to promote market integrity and to combat consumer fraud, comprised of senior officials from the Department of Justice, Federal financial regulators, and members across the Cabinet.

The Trump Administration has no tolerance for those who would harm consumers and investors, and it will continue to prosecute fraud to the full extent permitted by law. In February 2018, the Department of Justice announced the largest coordinated sweep of elder fraud cases in history, cracking down on financial schemes that targeted or largely affected older Americans.

The bottom line: Consumers and investors should be able to participate in a fair marketplace that rewards sound economic decisions, not fraudulent activity.

Learn more about President Trump’s fight against fraud.

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